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Our Coaches and Collaborators are

future-thinking educators, leaders, and passionate learners

We are a community of people driven to find the best ways to teach, share our best practices and grow in their professional purpose.

We are looking for educators who model a growth mindset, strive to create and implement an academically rigorous curriculum through hands-on, relevant, practical, project-based experiential learning.

We provide the space, support, and structure for learners and educators to develop and practice agency. Like our learners, Coaches have a high degree of autonomy, encouraged to think outside the box, and to teach with their heart. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

​Coaches and Collaborators will be working with kids aged 1.5 years onward, in various groups of younger, and older kids, up to 8 years:

  • Classroom Management

  • Lesson Planning & Reports

  • Parent Partnership

  • Community Projects

  • Personal & Professional Development


  • Certificate, diploma or degree in related field

  • Experience working with children. Have a good understanding of progressive, inquiry-based, experiential learning and a desire to teach in an environment that values the competence and independence of learners

  • Fresh graduates and experienced educators welcome to apply

  • Qualification and experience in other fields can be considered

  • Nonprofit organisation experience is an advantage

Expectations: Skills, Habits, Attitudes

  • A strong sense of empathy. Able to think from the lens of learners, parents, and team members

  • A genuine interest in people, committed to social justice and equity

  • Proactive, takes initiative, honest, dependable, tolerant, consultative, creative, resourceful

  • Adaptable and flexible, comfortable working in a highly collaborative and somewhat fluid environment; have a strong sense of urgency; comfortable not always having or knowing the answers

  • Willingness to get down to the youngest learner's level to implement fun, creative activities, as well as coaching the older kids in exploring ideas and concepts through discussions and reflective activities.

  • Able to work independently and collaboratively 

  • A good communicator. Can communicate clearly and effectively with learners, parents, and the team. Also actively listen and ask questions

  • Strong work ethic, has good time management skills, driven, and disciplined to complete own projects and meet deadlines, and help learners pace out projects to help them reach their goals

  • A creative lesson designer. You see learning opportunities easily and love engaging interdisciplinary projects that drive inquiry learning

  • A lifelong learner. Have a growth mindset and can pick up new ideas quickly and able to think critically, deeply committed to learning and growing self

If you believe and share the same values as Kindity, and you think you fit most of the requirements and expectations, we invite you to apply for a Coach or Collaborator position! Send the following PDF documents to

  1. A personal statement describing your interest/ motivation to apply for this position, your thoughts on the goal of education, and your role/ purpose in making change in learning and teaching

  2. Resume of relevant work and education experiences to support your application

  3. Video of a demo lesson or your personal statement

WhatsApp +601123155158 for more details.